Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Still here, you know!

I just finishing off my many assignments. Here's some final pieces!

More to come!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"Wacky" magazine and stuff

Sadly, there's no diary entry today. Yes, my right hand is too tired to sketch a 20 min entry. Why? Because I've been working on these all day! These are two preapprove illustrations for an inhouse Uni magazine. Ouch- My hand hurts!

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Business Side of Creativity

The whole thing took 12 hours. The accountant was my friend who study Accounting. I paid him alright - in thorough beating of Magic the Gathering games.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

009: Webcomics are stealing my life.

(NOTES: PennyArcade, PVP, RealLife, Least I Could Do.)

Hi again, I'm back.
Webcomics, man do they get to me. I have a few that I regularly read (listed above). I can waste so much time just sitting there reading them, reading the blog posts, looking at the stores and the links to other webcomics that they have. My favorite of all is PVP. It's a great webcomic about a PC gaming magazine and their antics. It has great storylines and great characters, I really envy the ability that Scott Kurtz shows in the effort that he puts into his pride and joy. And now, when I thought that I had my webcomic addiction under control, Scott Kurtz is producing a series, yes PVP will be animated! There's a preview on the site and it's so funny and mind blowing. It's a subscription service though so not only will PVP be stealing my time, it's about to steal my money. But I say that's all good, I can't wait for the series release early next year, it will be a defining moment in webcomics.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

008: Anime World Order Show #39 Doujinshi

Anime World Order Podcast Show #39 - Death Note, D. Gray Man, AWA, and That Show Nobody Else Watched

Since we have another geek on board now, I can go wild! PCGamer will be there as a counterbalance as I will be solely concentreted on the one geek section that I love best: Anime and Manga. And what would be a good way to indulge myself by doing doujinshi for the only anime podcast I listen to - Anime World Order Podcast!

By the way, the doujinshi is a staple. For my section, I'll be doing a fan comic for each new episode of AWO from now on. The people in today's strip are 2 out of 3 of the host for AWO. Daryl Surat love Hokuto no Ken. Clarissa got her name from Lensman's nurse but I couldn't find her character design from 1984's SF New Age Lensman so I think Clarisse from Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro might be a pretty close presentation...

At the time of posting this, AWO has already released a new Bonus episode. So, I guess it'll be another update real soon. See you then!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

007 PCGamer - PC Humour at it's mediocre

(Note: Double Optimised code is possible, just very hard to achieve. And some hardware does have experimental (unofficial) speed enhancing drivers, but I emphasise experimental)

Hi all PCGamer here,
Pete's petitioned me to join his little Geek community, and I'm happy to do so. I can't really draw, that's Pete's forte, but I am very much a geek, so I guess I fit that criteria.
I've been thinking about all the crazy things that people do to their systems lately. I actually heard of a guy that tried to overclock his PSU (don't ever, ever try this, it is very very dangerous, and the fact that we haven't heard much about this guy again isn't really a good sign), and people who do crazy things like running GX2s in SLI. Which if you ask me is a bit of overkill. Who needs 4 GPUs anyway, maybe if you're working for a movie animation company, but even then they use custom hardware that isn't often available to the public anyway. Hobbyists, or general users, who get these is a bit ludicris to me, plus it's ridiculously expensive, and people buy these to overclock! My god, send some my way you crazy bastards, I'll probably appreciate it more than you will. More money than sense is probably apt.
Maybe a good way to have fun, but find a cheaper way to deal with your insecurities I say.

Monday, November 13, 2006

006 - Comic/Manga Universe - Cat Lover

Shownote from Wikipedia:

I just had to sit down and made up actual comic strip for the blog I just post in the morning. You can tell it's pretty rough... This is suppose to be a webcomic, people!

This is a real argument that I had with my friend a couple of weeks ago. (See how late I got around to execute just ONE idea!?) It started from the infamous Goku versus Superman (I'm in the Goku Alliance, by the way), and run up into the heated philosophical discussion about the application of cat ears on girls. In the end, after involving a couple more people who are all kindly pointed out that both of us should get a life, we come to a conclusion that ANIMAL PARTS on GIRLS concept sounds REALLY REALLY BAD when put it in writing... and we should stop.

Lame Timeout...

Gosh, I promised myself never never ever to make a blog without any comic because it'll turn into, well, a blog and not webcomic. But just to let anyone who care, I'm not dead. I just got into 3DStudio Max and I decided to not bore you guys with me posting crappy 3D cylinder from 3DSMax tutorial.

I got a few more gag I'd love to draw. Yes, this time I'll try to make a punch line that actually work. Till then.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Anime Universe 005 - The Birth of Otaking

Shownote from Wikipedia:
Otaku no Video
Pyramid Scheme
Odin: Photon Space Sailer Starlight

I got this idea from being tricked into attending an Amway meeting by a friend... GIVE ME BACK MY SUNDAY!!!!

Otaku no Video is a MUST SEE for any hardcore anime fan. AnimeWorldOrder actually did a really good review of it here. They also review Odin as the WORST ANIME EVER. So you should check that out, too. Much better than anything I have to say. Charge! Otaking!!

I’m nearly into my holiday season... just a little bit more Uni work... then I’ll really be doing more geeky thing!

And I’m out.