Monday, November 13, 2006

006 - Comic/Manga Universe - Cat Lover

Shownote from Wikipedia:

I just had to sit down and made up actual comic strip for the blog I just post in the morning. You can tell it's pretty rough... This is suppose to be a webcomic, people!

This is a real argument that I had with my friend a couple of weeks ago. (See how late I got around to execute just ONE idea!?) It started from the infamous Goku versus Superman (I'm in the Goku Alliance, by the way), and run up into the heated philosophical discussion about the application of cat ears on girls. In the end, after involving a couple more people who are all kindly pointed out that both of us should get a life, we come to a conclusion that ANIMAL PARTS on GIRLS concept sounds REALLY REALLY BAD when put it in writing... and we should stop.

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Erwin Rosales said...

So true :(.
Why can they just get along ?
Nevermind, if that happen a true horro will be born :X