Wednesday, November 15, 2006

007 PCGamer - PC Humour at it's mediocre

(Note: Double Optimised code is possible, just very hard to achieve. And some hardware does have experimental (unofficial) speed enhancing drivers, but I emphasise experimental)

Hi all PCGamer here,
Pete's petitioned me to join his little Geek community, and I'm happy to do so. I can't really draw, that's Pete's forte, but I am very much a geek, so I guess I fit that criteria.
I've been thinking about all the crazy things that people do to their systems lately. I actually heard of a guy that tried to overclock his PSU (don't ever, ever try this, it is very very dangerous, and the fact that we haven't heard much about this guy again isn't really a good sign), and people who do crazy things like running GX2s in SLI. Which if you ask me is a bit of overkill. Who needs 4 GPUs anyway, maybe if you're working for a movie animation company, but even then they use custom hardware that isn't often available to the public anyway. Hobbyists, or general users, who get these is a bit ludicris to me, plus it's ridiculously expensive, and people buy these to overclock! My god, send some my way you crazy bastards, I'll probably appreciate it more than you will. More money than sense is probably apt.
Maybe a good way to have fun, but find a cheaper way to deal with your insecurities I say.

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Erwin Rosales said...

I only overcloecked my computer once and I did not like it at all.
It was faster, but it did not help since, everytime I was playing half life 2 it crushed :( , before savig X(