Tuesday, November 28, 2006

009: Webcomics are stealing my life.

(NOTES: PennyArcade, PVP, RealLife, Least I Could Do.)

Hi again, I'm back.
Webcomics, man do they get to me. I have a few that I regularly read (listed above). I can waste so much time just sitting there reading them, reading the blog posts, looking at the stores and the links to other webcomics that they have. My favorite of all is PVP. It's a great webcomic about a PC gaming magazine and their antics. It has great storylines and great characters, I really envy the ability that Scott Kurtz shows in the effort that he puts into his pride and joy. And now, when I thought that I had my webcomic addiction under control, Scott Kurtz is producing a series, yes PVP will be animated! There's a preview on the site and it's so funny and mind blowing. It's a subscription service though so not only will PVP be stealing my time, it's about to steal my money. But I say that's all good, I can't wait for the series release early next year, it will be a defining moment in webcomics.


Mandy said...

I do that...not with webcomics, but with just about everything else..... in fact, I did that for a report that I was due today (I finished it yesterday)

loved the concept!

Erwin Rosales said...

That happened to me on Wednesday evening, and the result was.... not going to work and skip one class. Shame on me :P